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Top Mobile Web Design Companies

Did you know that websites that are mobile-responsive tend to rank higher on search engines?

Our team of expert analysts has researched and ranked the top mobile web design agencies that build professional mobile responsive websites that not only boost your search engine rankings but also improve your users’ on-site experience and conversions. Here are the top three:


Digital Silk is a leading agency that offers high-end web design services. They focus on creating user-friendly interfaces and mobile responsive designs that increase on-site engagement and generate more conversions.

Featured clients: SONY, Microsoft, XEROX, Toyota, IBM, doForms

US, Florida
50 - 99
2-4 is a Lisbon, London and Milan-based team of experienced 2nd-time founders and top 1% talent. The agency builds market-leading digital products for entrepreneurs and business leaders across industries.

Featured clients:, AlixPartners,,

Under 49

Experts in end-to-end custom web development. Supporting Fortune 500 to startups with SaaS, mobile, and custom application solutions in healthcare, education, marketing, and financial industries.

Featured clients: Epion Health, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Verizon Media

500 - 999

Best Mobile Web Design Companies – 2020 Rankings

Find the full list of the top agencies that offer mobile-friendly website design services here. Compare them based on their team size, location and average rates.

1. Digital Silkdigitalsilk.comFlorida50 - 99$125/hr$10,000+
2. Altar.iokandasoft.comPortugalUnder 49$100/hr$25,000+
3. Kanda Softwarekandasoft.comMassachusetts500 - 999$50/hr$25,000+
4. Evestarevestar.comFloridaUnder 49Inquire$10,000+
5. Selleoselleo.comPoland50 - 99$45/hr$10,000+
6. Urban Insighturbaninsight.comCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$25,000+
7. Wandrwandr.studioCaliforniaUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
8. Dotlogicsdotlogics.comNew YorkUnder 49$125/hr$25,000+
9. Itexusitexus.comFlorida50 - 99$50/hr$10,000+
10. itCraftitechcraft.comPoland50 - 99$50/hr$25,000+
11. RNO1rno1.comCalifornia50 - 99InquireInquire
12. ICON Worldwideicon-worldwide.comSwitzerlandUnder 49$50/hr$10,000+
13. StarNet Solutionsstarnetsolutions.netArizonaUnder 49$150/hr$1,000+
14. WeDigTechwedigtech.comCalifornia50 - 99$25/hr$1,000+
15. Decipher Zone Softwaresdecipherzone.comIndia100 - 249$20/hr$1,000+
16. GoWebLive! goweblive.comOhioUnder 49$50/hrInquire
17. Steelkiwi Inc.steelkiwi.comCalifornia50 - 99$35/hr$10,000+
18. Solulab INCsolulab.comCalifornia50 - 99$30/hr$10,000+
19. OCDLabocdlab.coCaliforniaUnder 49$60/hr$1,000+
20. CitrusBitscitrusbits.comCalifornia50 - 99$150/hrInquire
21. Alecan Marketing Solutions, Inc.alecanmarketing.comCaliforniaUnder 49$115/hr$1,000+
22. Waverley Softwarewaverleysoftware.comCalifornia100 - 249$50/hr$10,000+
23. EffectiveSofteffectivesoft.comCalifornia250 - 499$50/hr$50,000+
24. Huemorhuemor.rocksNew YorkUnder 49$150/hr$10,000+
25. Spiral Scoutspiralscout.comCaliforniaUnder 49$75/hr$25,000+
26. Anderson Collaborativeandersoncollaborative.comFloridaUnder 49Inquire$1,000+
27. Creative27creative27.comCalifornia250 - 499$500/hrInquire
28. JetRuby Agencyjetruby.comCalifornia100 - 249$45/hr$10,000+
29. Distillerydistillery.comCalifornia100 - 249$100/hr$50,000+
30. Appstemappstem.comCalifornia50 - 99$150/hr$50,000+
31. T3 Web Servicest3webservices.comArkansasUnder 49$125/hr$1,000+
32. On Purpose Projectsonpurposeprojects.comCanadaUnder 49$75/hr$1,000+
33. Attract Groupattractgroup.comNevadaUnder 49$35/hr$10,000+
34. California Mediacaliforniamediauae.comUAEUnder 49$20/hrUnder $1,000
35. Forge and Smithforgeandsmith.comCanadaUnder 49$150/hr$1,000+
36. FYC Labsfyclabs.comCaliforniaUnder 49$100/hr$1,000+
37. IPIX Tech Servicesipixtechnologies.comIndia50 - 99$20/hrUnder $1,000
38. Mumblemumbleideas.itItalyUnder 49$55/hr$10,000+
39. Titan Web Marketing Solutionstitanwebmarketingsolutions.comTennesseeUnder 49$125/hrInquire
40. Comrade Web Agencycomradeweb.comIllinoisUnder 49$100/hr$10,000+
41. SkyPoint Studiosskypointwebdesignbillingsmontana.comMontanaUnder 49$75/hrUnder $1,000
42. LeadValetsleadvalets.comMissouriUnder 49$460/hrInquire
43. Envision Dennis Romano LLCenvisiondr.comNew JerseyUnder 49$137/hr$10,000+
44. Inboundsysinboundsys.comIndiaUnder 49$19/hrInquire
45. Knight Designknight-design.comMichiganUnder 49$85/hrUnder $1,000
46. SEO.comseo.comUtahUnder 49$150/hr$1,000+
47. GCMDgcmd.agencyMaineUnder 49$125/hr$1,000+
48. CognitiveCloudscognitiveclouds.comCalifornia100 - 249$25/hr$25,000+
49. White Rabbitwhiterabbit.nzNew ZealandUnder 49$160/hrUnder $1,000
50. FOONKIE - 99$30/hr$10,000+
51. BC WEB WISE PVT LTDbcwebwise.comIndia50 - 99$25/hr$10,000+
52. Double Up Digitaldoubleup.digitalGeorgiaUnder 49$28/hr$1,000+
53. Bell Mediagobellmedia.comAlabama50 - 99$125/hr$1,000+
54. SmartSitessmartsites.comNew Jersey50 - 99$100/hrInquire
55. ITechArt Groupitechart.comNew York1000 & Up$35/hr$25,000+
56. ISS Art, LLCissart.comCalifornia50 - 99$35/hr$10,000+
57. KitelyTech LLCkitelytech.comIllinois100 - 249Inquire$10,000+
58. Digital Marketing Expertsmydmeonline.comAlabamaUnder 49$65/hr$1,000+
59. Seamgenseamgen.comCaliforniaUnder 49$130/hr$50,000+

What Is A Mobile Website Design Agency?

According to Statista, mobile devices generated 52.6% of the total website traffic in 2019.

As mobile has become the leading source of website traffic, optimizing websites for this format has never been more important for user retention.

A mobile web design company develops professional websites that are mobile-friendly or compatible with smartphones and tablets.

In other words, these experts allow your website’s information including content, images and other visual elements to be accessible on devices with different operating systems and screens.

Above all, they combine their skills and technology to deliver an effective and satisfying user experience that allows your visitors to easily interact and navigate on your site without facing any issues.

What Does A Mobile Web Design Company Specialize In?

As the era of smartphones evolves, mobile website design companies strive to use the latest design trends and technologies to keep your website functional on any mobile device.

What’s more, to build an effective website that brings measurable results, these web designers also target your industry, market and your existing clients with precision.

Some of their responsibilities also include:

  • Creating scalable designs
  • Aligning elements to fit all-size screens
  • Developing flexible layouts
  • Building easy-to-click buttons
  • Using easily readable fonts
  • Compressing images and files
  • Ensuring fast website speed
  • Optimizing websites for search engines
  • Integrating it with social media pages
  • Importing content
  • Tracking analytics
  • Maintaining websites
  • And more

The solutions that the best mobile website design companies offer are always custom made and designed to work on different browsers and operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.

A web deisgner creating a mobile responsive website
Mobile devices generated 52.6% of the total website traffic in 2019

How Much Do Mobile Website Design Companies Charge?

In 2020, for a full-service professional responsive website, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $100,000, sometimes even more.

The cost will largely depend on:

  • The product’s complexity
  • The number of features required
  • The number of pages
  • The style of design
  • The content creation
  • And more

However, if you already have a website and want to invest in a responsive design only, then the price can range between $3,000 and $25,000.

Agencies that offer web design for mobile also charge per hour. In this case, the cost also varies greatly between $50 and $200 and it is based on the companies’ size, experience and seniority.

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Why Hire A Mobile Web Design Firm?

One of the greatest benefits of having a web design for mobile is the lower maintenance cost as compared to running two versions of one website.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider investing in mobile-first web design:

Better User Experience

53% of mobile users leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. (Think with Google)

One of the major factors that influence the quality of user experience is the time spent on site.

If website visitors find it difficult to navigate through the pages, you will see a higher number of bounce rates and lose some of your potential clients.

However, if your website is mobile-responsive and visitors find it easy to use and navigate on any device, then you will provide them with consistent user experience and increase dwell time which ultimately boosts your website rankings.

A mobile web design company is always on top of mobile UX trends and can keep your website up-to-date with the latest changes as well as provide your visitors with a memorable experience.

The number of mobile users who leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Websites that are mobile-friendly enjoy higher search engine rankings. (Google)

In 2015, Google expanded the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. And with the increased number of smartphone users, responsive web design for mobile is more important than ever in SEO.

This change allows users to find relevant and high-quality search results that solve their problems and answer their questions.

Mobile-friendly website design not only builds higher authority and reputation for your brand but it also performs better on search engines.

Websites that are mobile friendly enjoy higher search engine rankings

Boost In Sales

79% of consumers who are disappointed with the website’s performance are less likely to make a purchase from the same site again. (Neil Patel)

People constantly use their mobile phones to search for products or services around them.

However, if they visit a website that does not perform well on the device they use, they will bounce and you will miss the opportunity to convert the visitor.

Mobile website design companies can increase your sales opportunities by providing you with a fully functional and compelling mobile-ready website that provides users with pleasant user experience.

The number of consumers who are disappointed with website’s performance

How To Hire A Mobile Website Design Company?

Here are a few tips that can make your search for the right agency that offers mobile-friendly website design services easier:

  • Set a budget: Think about the cost of your mobile-first web design and see how much you can allocate for such services. This will help you understand which of these agencies can fit your budget.
  • Go through their reviews: See what previous clients say about every mobile web design company to get an insight into their credibility and the results they’ve delivered.
  • Evaluate their portfolios: View their past work to discover the level of their experience, their results and the type of clients they’ve served.
  • Ask about the expected timeline: Find out how many projects every mobile web design company currently works on to see whether they can deliver your project on time.
  • Discover their industry experience: Learn whether these web designers have worked on similar projects. The experts who know your market well can accelerate project delivery and better meet your needs.
  • Conduct interviews: Whether online or off, meet with every potential mobile web design company to evaluate their culture, communication skills project management, level of experience as well as their personality to find a partner that will meet your expectations.
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15 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Mobile Web Design Agency

  1. What type of mobile web design services do you offer?
  2. Have you ever worked on similar projects? What results have you delivered?
  3. What features should my website include?
  4. How will you make sure that my website design is unique and distinctive?
  5. Can you describe the mobile website design process?
  6. What are the steps to making my website mobile responsive?
  7. How do you stay up-to-date with the latest web design trends?
  8. Do you have any case studies or reviews I can refer to?
  9. What is your project management structure? Do you use any tools to manage your projects?
  10. How will you ensure the quality of my website?
  11. Who will work on my project and how skilled are your web designers?
  12. Do you have a crisis management plan?
  13. How will you determine the project timeline?
  14. When and what outcomes should I expect?
  15. How do you charge and how much will my project cost?

Last Tips To Consider Before You Choose A Mobile Web Design Company

The best mobile website design companies specialize in creating mobile responsive websites that your audience can access from different devices.

They combine their skills and technology to provide you with high-end services which enhance the user experience, improve your search engine rankings and boost your conversions.

To pick the right partner who can develop your web design for mobile, go back to our list of the best candidates on the market and compare them based on their location, team size and average rates.

Then, set interviews with each of them and pay attention to their reviews, portfolios, and industry experience.

Furthermore, don’t forget to ask the right questions that will help you discover the level of experience, project management and communication skills of every mobile website design company.

But before you go…

Here are a few bonus tips to make your search for the right partner easier and quicker:

  • After-launch support: Pick a mobile web design company that will provide you with post-launch support and that will want to engage in a long term partnership.
  • Website quality: Work with an agency that will provide you with a warranty on the quality of your website and which delivers what promised.
  • Contract: Hire a mobile web design company that offers an agreement and make sure it includes confidentiality clauses to keep your personal data secure.

Best of luck!

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