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Best Web Design Of 2020 (So Far) – And What We Can Learn From It

Best Web Design - 2020-01

Did you know that 94% of people believe that poorly designed websites are not trustworthy?

To improve brand credibility and increase user engagement, businesses are investing in compelling UX and UI designs.

However, web design best practices constantly change and new trends are emerging every day.

To help you keep your site up-to-date, in this article we are sharing the best web designs of 2020.

Here you will find some great ideas and learn new styles that you can incorporate in your B2B or B2C web design strategy.

Best Web Design Examples For B2B Brands

For B2B businesses, web design is an effective marketing tool they can use to build meaningful customer relationships.

A strong and authentic design can strengthen their strategy and push their leads from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel, which tends to be a relatively long process.

This is why B2B web design best practices are designed to solve their biggest industry challenges and convert their prospects into clients.

Here are the best web designs B2B businesses can learn a lot from in 2020:

b2b design - asana
[Source: Asana]

1. Asana | A Strong And Clear Call To Action

One of the primary goals of B2B businesses is to entice their website visitors to complete certain actions.

Whether it is signing to their newsletter or setting up a consultation, incorporating strong and clear CTAs is one of the B2B web design best practices.

Asana’s homepage CTA is one of the best web design examples of 2020. It is displayed at the center of the page; The context is kept simple and clutter-free to allow the bold “Try for free” button to stand out.

Their clear web design and negative space flawlessly blend with their value proposition or unique selling point.

They catch the visitors’ attention by educating them about the benefits they would enjoy once they try using this tool.

By telling users what’s in it for them, they are enticing them to click and convert.

b2b - Carolin Soldo minimalism
[Source: Carolin Soldo]

2. Carolin Soldo | Minimalism

Negative space, small paragraphs and minimalist design are also among the B2B web design best practices for 2020.

With the use of white space, Carolin Soldo not only enables its users to easily navigate through the page but it also allows for important elements like quality pictures and demo videos to stand out.

This is important in keeping the visitors’ focus on the brands’ products/services rather than on any unnecessary elements.

Being one of the best web designs out there when it comes to minimalism, the ample white space and small paragraphs of text create better hierarchy and allow users to easily consume the provided points.

This best web page design reduces loading time, improves readability and user experience while making a greater impact on their decisions to take the desired action.

[Source: Dropbox]

3. Dropbox | Consistent Branding

An interesting fact says that the average revenue increase attributed to always presenting the brand consistently is 33%.

Dropbox has one of the best web designs because they know exactly how to incorporate their logo, colors and typography on every single page.

Their logo is a universal signature and they also use it across all channels to maintain consistency.

The cloud-based file sharing platform follows web design best practices, employs personalization and has its own brand palette of colors.

For them, any communication is important that on their website they even have rules of their logo, application icons, product screenshot and brand materials usage.

Dropbox teaches us that the brand is the face of the business and that maintaining a professional look across all pages and platforms increases brand recognition.

Square - web design
[Source: Square]

4. Square | Simple Navigation

88% of digital buyers will never return to a website after having a bad user experience.

And simple navigation is one of the biggest web design trends because it can play a key role in satisfying the visitors’ usage of the site.

Once website visitors land on a page, they should be able to quickly and easily find the info they are looking for. Otherwise, they won’t be able to bring a decision about the brand and will be unlikely to convert.

This is why navigation plays a major role in your business success.

Incorporating the B2B web design best practices, Square is a great example of a site that has a clean design, limited menu options and minimal text.

Its categories are logically organized as well, making it easy to select different sections that fit its clients’ needs.

All these factors allow Square’s visitors to navigate easily, find the information they seek and stay engaged with the website.

IBM - responsive web design
[Source: IBM]

5. IBM | Responsive Design

Interesting fact: Mobile devices generated 52.6% of the total website traffic in 2019.

Mobile internet has surpassed desktop internet usage. Smartphones and tablets now bring more than half of the global website traffic.

People find it much easier to search for quick tips or nearby places and even shop from their mobile devices.

This is why mobile-friendliness is currently one of the biggest web design trends.

It is not only one of the Google ranking factors but it also plays a key role in improving user experience and satisfaction.

One of the best B2B web designs that operates seamlessly on smartphones and tablets is IBM. It allows users to easily navigate the site and find what they are looking for.

Its design is fast and its navigation menu options are clear. There is also a search box that helps visitors find the products and services they seek quickly.

b2b web design 2020
[Source: Makers & Dreamers]

6. Makers & Dreamers | Crooked Typography

In 2020, designers are also breaking the rules of traditional typography.

They use uneven spacing, different sizes and odd line breaks.

Makers & Dreamers carefully plays with typography while following the B2B web design best practices and allowing the visitors to understand what they try to say.

Although on their home page, we can see a usage of turns and flips of headings which catch the user’s attention, their design is simple and clean.

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Best B2C Web Designs To Get Inspired By

Selling products directly to customers requires being authentic and different from the competition.

This is why for B2C companies, generating brand awareness and establishing brand recognition are some of the most important factors for business success.

An interesting fact says that 87% of consumers begin their product search online.

Guess what is the first thing they will notice once they visit a website?

Its web design!

Staying current with the web design best practices can help you grab your visitors’ attention, improve their user experience and make them convert.

Here are the top B2C web designs of 2020 that there is a lot to learn from:

b2c - best web designs - davenport
[Source: Davenport]

1. Davenport | Dark Mode

When it comes to the current web design trends, dark backgrounds are some of the most modern elements we can see around.

Many apps including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter incorporate it.

Apple uses it for iOS 13 and Google for Android 10 as well.

However, this mode has become so popular that even websites started creating designs with dark aesthetics.

Using dark backgrounds, Davenport is among the best web designs in which its front elements stand out.

This type of design highlights the product images and points made on the site while improving visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain.

Its dark design and easy to read typography also make the content readable. And its elegant gold color on clickable buttons and call to actions entice the visitors to click.

Bruno Ortolland web
[Source: Bruno Ortolland]

2. Bruno Ortolland | 3D Elements

Among the other current web design trends is the usage of 3D elements.

Three-dimensional imagery makes designs more real and evokes emotions of something unexpected that makes visitors want to explore more.

3D visuals not only delight people but they also provide them with an immersive experience. It encourages users to stick longer on the site and take the desired action.

Bruno Ortolland is a great example of the best web page design that does a great job of attracting visitors’ attention. And the background music  only contributes to keeping them entertained.

FWU web design
[Source: FWU]

3. FWU | Mixing Real Images With Illustrations

Combining real photographs with graphics is another of the biggest trends in B2C web design.

Designers use this style to communicate customized messages that increase recognition and help businesses to stand out from the crowd.

FWU is an example of a best web page design that uses real human images and replaces parts of them with illustrations for later to cartoonize them completely.

This website mixes these two realities while developing interactive visuals that are entertaining.

It shows that being different and authentic attracts visitors’ attention and creates memorable experiences.

b2c - best web designs - ETQ
[Source: ETQ]

4. ETQ | Black And White Color Palette

Black and white designs are evergreen.

They provide a timeless combination that never goes out of fashion.

By mixing these two colors, ETQ offers a clean interface and simple navigation allowing the page’s elements and typography to stand out.

This is one of the best B2C web designs because it ensures a good user experience and contributes to better dwell time.

liquid animation - adultswim
[Source: AdultSwim]

5. AdultSwim | Liquid Animation

Liquid animation is one of those web design trends that provide visitors with fun and entertainment.

A great B2C example of this style is AdultSwim that has a water-like movement that makes users stay longer and play with its design.

By incorporating liquid animation, this website is authentic and stands out from the crowd, and entices visitors to take action.

Shiner - consistency
[Source: Shiner]

6. Shiner | Patterns

Patterns were quite used in the late ‘90s and now we can see them being incorporated by some of the best web designs.

Nowadays they are making a huge comeback and they are very much refreshing and diverse.

Shiner takes advantage of this style and uses paper-like textures on its website. They fully cover the background and create a modern look while highlighting its products.

Their navigation menu is also quite simple and offers several categories that lead to different pages. There is also a short, clear CTA that asks the readers to see their new commercial.

Top 5 Web Design Innovations That Will Dominate In 2020

Apart from the top web design trends that B2B and B2C businesses incorporate in their strategies, here are the top five innovations that will also dominate this year:

  • Chatbots: In 2020, websites will be more and more interactive with the increased use of chatbots. They are a great way for brands to communicate with their visitors and they are available 24/7 for frequently asked questions.
  • Voice user interface: Voice user interfaces allow visitors to interact with websites through voice commands. This is one of the most popular web design trends that improves user experience and visitor satisfaction by providing visitors with instant answers.
  • Micro-interactions: Brands utilize micro-interactions to guide visitors through their websites, create an emotional effect and encourage user engagement. They also prevent user errors which ultimately enhances the UX.
  • Progress indicators: Incorporating entertaining progress indicators are becoming more and more popular. They tell the visitors how long it will take until the website loads and their job is to increase the tolerance of the user.
  • GIFs: What’s great about these small animated images is that they boost visitors’ engagement more than any ordinary images since they are eye-catching and entertaining.
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The Best Web Designs In 2020 Are All About Better User Experience

This year websites have evolved a lot and their primary focus has shifted on their user-centered design.

The days when the decisions about the websites’ look were based on attractiveness are long gone.

Today, it’s not only about what the visitors want to see, but also about how they feel about it and whether they are provided with a satisfactory experience.

This is why sites are made simple to work on various devices and screen sizes. Therefore, we can also see increased usage of different features that allow visitors to easily navigate and find what they search for.

So, to have a successful web design in 2020, make sure your website:

  • Loads fast
  • Is mobile responsive
  • Is easy to use and navigate

These factors will increase the dwell time, improve user experience and ultimately boost your conversions.

Best Web Design Highlights

Incorporating the latest styles and web design best practices in your B2B or B2C strategy can improve user experience, increase your brand credibility and boost your conversions.

Here are the trends that the best web designs of 2020 use:

  • Strong and clear call to action – to generate more clicks
  • Minimalism – to highlight your selling points
  • Consistent branding – to boost your sales and profit
  • Simple navigation – to improve user experience
  • Responsive design – to reach a wider audience
  • Crooked typography – to stand out from the crowd
  • Dark mode – to make your content easily readable
  • 3D elements – to grab the visitors’ attention
  • Mixing real images with illustrations – to increase brand recognition
  • Black and white design – to increase dwell time
  • Liquid animation – to entertain your users
  • Patterns – to keep the visitors’ focus on your products/services

Some of these trends are here to stay and some of them will soon become obsolete.

However, no matter which of these you decide to use, there is certainly no “perfect” web design formula.

The key to successful design is to always put your audience first, get to know their needs and understand their behavior.